You have just started working as an online freelance writer in Kenya and you find it hectic to make references from scratch. I have been there. In this post I will share some of the online citation generators that you can use, either as a Kenyan student mastering their studies or as a writer for… Read More

You have probably heard that Kenyans are making money online from writing academic papers. That’s right and it is truly genuine income. To make money online as an academic sample paper writer, you need to master the art of citations. While in Kenya referencing is not a commonly sought after element in grading, in countries… Read More

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Many scenarios in life may necessitate one to make a speech, whether a formal or informal event. Some of the occasions you may be required to write a speech are: a graduation, promotion, wedding, retirement party, a birthday, an anniversary, etc. However, sometimes you just do not have an event but your school needs you… Read More

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