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Topic: Ethics in research

Whistleblowers in science – when reporting scientific misconduct

Whistleblowers in science have nothing to do with whistles, the term was coined because a whistleblowing would get someone’s attention and “whistleblowers” also get someone’s … Continue reading

Malicious peer review – Using sham peer reviews to punish other scientists

Sham peer review, is at epidemic proportions in the United States. Peer reviews are meant to be helping tools, used to help a doctor better … Continue reading

What is academic plagiarism?

In the academic world, academic plagiarism is the act of using someone’s work and presenting it as your ones own. Plagiarism can either be deliberate … Continue reading

Competition in science – Ramifications of academic rivalry

Science can be a really nasty business. Competition in science is a necessity; it promotes a drive within the scientific community to excel. Unfortunately as … Continue reading

Research grant funding and the problems associated with it

Research grant funding is a must to keep a scientific project advancing. It costs money for materials and equipment in addition to personnel to undertake … Continue reading

Scientific falsification -falsifying evidence in a research

Scientific falsification has been around in the scientific community since the inception of the idea of scientific experimentation. This article is about the falsified evidence. … Continue reading

Subliminal messages – a form of scientific fraud and falsification

James Vicary claimed to have introduced subliminal messages with big advertisement effects in 1957 when he conducted an experiment with very quickly flashing messages in … Continue reading

Science fraud – Dishonesty and forgery in research

As scientists, we like to think that science is a bastion of virtue, untouched by science fraud. The perception is that, other than junk science, … Continue reading

Scientific misconduct as an ethical violation in research

Scientific misconduct is defined as “the violation of the standard codes of scholarly conduct and ethical behavior in professional scientific research“. To determine scientific misconduct … Continue reading

Research regulations and the Helsinki declaration

Research Regulations are a code of ethics that governs how research should be conducted. Research is conducted across many disciplines. It is used to define … Continue reading